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comments Updated:2018-10-17 09:42:51
WGUO Gumbo 94.9 FM Radio information.
Audio: http://ice42.securenetsystems.net/WGUO


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  1. rosemary gardner says:

    dr. john….. i’m too shy to call you, BUT I do want to say that 94.9 is on EVERY button on my Bose player….. I have favorites: Eddie Rabbitt, Earl Thomas Conley, Keith Whitley & Neal MCoy (and a few other UNDER-played by everyone else!) Of course my MAIN love is RANDY TRAVIS! I had a ticket to his tribute but a local tornado prevented me going. I appreciate the work you ALL put in and it is VERY MUCH appreciated……….. a fan, rosemary gardner, Ponchatoula!!!

    • rosemary gardner says:

      ……….listening to you is like eating Lays Potato Chips……. I’ll say “one more song” then I GOTTA some work done, BUT……….. several songs later I’m lost in GUMBO!!!!!! thanks, y’all <3

    • rosemary gardner says:

      p.s. IF I ever accidentally called between 12-1 and was the 9th caller I’d ask you to give the prize of the day to a local Law Enforcement Officer!!! (my child is a Police Officer in Hammond, SHE’s been there 17 years) be safe, well

    • rosemary gardner says:

      y’all come to the Strawberry Festival, the BIGGEST FREE Festival after Mardi Gras, and MUCH less tame………..I’ll show y’all around!!!! 😉

  2. Lacy smiley says:

    I like to wish my maw maw a happy birthday

  3. Lacy smiley says:

    I like to wish my momma a very happy birthday she is 74 year old today

  4. Marie Rios says:

    Best radio station there is!

  5. Reed Callais says:

    Here in Kiln MS with Ryan Foret at the Swamp Blues Boogie Festival today 12:00 to Midnight with Dameon Troy and Shenadoah tonight invite everyone

  6. Jeannie Louviere says:

    Whaaaaahoo!!!!!!!! Good morning •Birthday Bobby & Ting

  7. Etta Moseley says:

    I need to listen to Bobby Richard each Saturday morning to make my weekends great!

  8. mark aamis says:

    just play

  9. Shannon Odom says:

    Why do I need a commeT

  10. Shannon Odom says:


  11. Shannon Odom says:

    I want this