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comments Updated:2018-10-17 23:03:46
WEZW Easy 93.1 FM Radio information.
Audio: http://crystalin.surfernetwork.com:8000/WEZW_MP3


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  1. A.M. says:

    I enjoy your radio station but since when did Christmas start October 2nd. Please put back on the oldies and then start with the Christmas music after Thanksgiving.

  2. Terri Donohue says:

    Best station ever. It’s the first thing I do, is tune in the radio to 93.1FM. Keep up the great music.

  3. Mark Morris says:

    Thanks great station

  4. michel says:

    I live in Québec and love your music

  5. Mcmarchak says:

    Love the music

  6. laura jarossi says:


  7. John Catapane says:

    just spent a week in the Crest and enjoyed the best music I can remember. In my 67 years can only remember 101.1 FM when they played oldies equal to your playlist Thank you for making my vacation most enjoyable.

  8. Ross Trovato says:

    Love my Wildwood vacations!

  9. Jesus says:

    Great Music, great Station. Im in Puerto Rico Island and I listen all the time by internet in my office.

  10. Patrick McGinn says:

    Working on my Son’s house in Wildwood Crest and miss your Radio ststion when I leave. Great station!

  11. John says:

    Great radio station just the right blend. The problem is
    the live stream gets interrupted a lot of “buffering” during the entire day I listen weather it is from work, home or away. Can this be corrected? other than that the music is perfect!

  12. Harry Craythorn says:

    what a great radio station..love your music..Im in central jersey and listen online all the time!!!

  13. Jack Wichterman says:

    I am trying to contact the station via telephone to ask if you would play a promo cd for the Cape Harmonaires Barbershop Chorus. WCMC played it for us when they were an independent station in Wildwood.
    We sing the songs that attract listeners to your station.

    Please provide me with your phone number.

    Thank you