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  1. Keith Stephens says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m an 80 year old that goes to more than a little trouble to hear you in Bakersfield. I have a background in two-way radio and can shed some light on your signal and coverage in Bakersfield. I live on the ridge NE of Bakersfield that blocks your signal into central and east Bakersfield. I have no idea what happened to the FCC that used to control separation between stations. 103.3 seems to be where all the Spanish stations want to be, so I have to buy radios that can pull your signal out of the muck they cause. I love your programming so much that I’m going to buy a CD recorder and record several days in case I lose you completely some day. I have withdrawals when your signal strength drops. And I’ll echo another listener Maylo, “Please “Keep the station alive.” And I’ll close with a question. Would it be possible to change frequencies and get into a less congested spot on the dial? If that idea is cost prohibitive I will guess there are lots of listeners like me that would pay a subscription fee to help make the change. Again, please find a way to keep the station alive.

    • Kevin says:

      Keith, did you get any response/answer to your inquiry re: changing frequencies ? I agree 100% the programming is absolutely
      Great. There would be some support for “Streaming” this content

  2. Maylo says:

    I was hoping for a Recently Played List!!! Anyway that can be applied to the website? Keep the station alive, please

  3. Merlin says:

    Been listening to your outstanding station for several months now but recently a new LP garbage-station came on in Fresno on the same frequency, and is now wiping out your signal. Mike, with such a unique format you folks really need to get serious with your transmitter power AND PLEASE enable streaming for those of us who can monitor from an internet connection.

  4. Charlie James Steinman says:

    Charles Z Steinman

  5. Charlie James Steinman says:

    I dont know if any of you remember Charlie and friends.

  6. Maggie says:

    What happened? I live in Fresno love this station but had to contend with KKAT country for reception. Now there is a new station on top of those two and that is what I get most of the time. Soul music, awful Spanish music or religious broadcasts coming from it. Can’t they go to another frequency so we can get back better reception from KZPO!!!

  7. Charlie Robinson says:

    Can anyone provide guidance to enable many frustrated KZPO fans posting on multiple platforms aboggut the lack of responsiveness to the station not streaming? A truly unique format with no alternative choices available

  8. Les says:

    I always enjoyed listening to your station on my trips to L.A. and back, which was every week. I retired from trucking and don’t hear your station anymore. When will you start streaming??

  9. mac says:

    My favorite station EVER! Please stream online.

  10. Mike says:

    Please reply or add a note to our email at . We love hearing from our listeners DIRECTLY. we do NOT stream our audio at this time — but may in the future so let us know what you think by emailing KZPO directly at .

    • Nancy/Whittier says:

      Love listening to you guys on my way up to Monterey. I always take to 5 freeway instead of 101 scenic route, just so I could listen to Kings Radio. PLEASE STREAM ONLINE. There are no other stations like yours. 🙁

  11. eddie says:

    very good

  12. Lee dunlap says:

    My kind of music
    With No Rap Crap

  13. Sally Quintana says:


  14. Sally Quintana says:

    Grew up listening to this music

  15. Ralph Wood says:

    Love the music, but I can never get the online stream to work.

  16. Guy Foote says:

    I listen to your station while traveling on 99S to LA. Really enjoy the format.

  17. jim teixeira says:

    I listen at night when the truck can receive the station, I even listen with static most the time.

  18. Pat says:

    40s and 50s are great.

  19. Nick Nickell says:


  20. Steve says:


  21. Stacey Kersten says:


  22. Fike says:

    Like this station…