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This page provides WXMZ 99.9 FM listen online services. Enjoy it! Without to download and install any media software, you can Listen to the radio stations of Hartford, KY USA online, just through the browser Radio real-time audio. WXMZ 99.9 FM radio stations webcast configuration may change or upgrade, if the streaming service unavailable, please contact FIFM administrator to replace the radio stream.


  1. Deidre Bradley says:

    Would love to listen to KAYT 88.1


  2. Dwight says:

    Just wondered why you have changed your weekend format from classic rock and roll to that 80's noise? You all were about the only true classic rock station left and now your playing boy george and madonna? (Really)? I mean that was bad when it came out, are there really people out there that want to subjected themselves to that again? I'm sorry but I have enjoyed your station for a number of years and don't know why you would ruin it now. Please take that 80's sound back to the back corner of the pawn shop and continue with something people enjoy listening to. Sorry