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comments Updated:2018-10-16 10:50:57
WIP 94.1 FM Sports Radio 94 Radio information.
Contact: (215) 625-9460
400 Market St. 9th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA

Audio: http://18103.live.streamtheworld.com:3690/WIPFMAAC_SC


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  1. Frank Crescenzi says:

    Just going to try to listen to sports talk

  2. adam says:

    this is the worst. just tuned in and the app is running 5 mins of commercials before the radio play even starts wtf

  3. Bill Dell says:


  4. Mark Farbstein says:

    Sports talk radio

  5. stan m says:

    love this team, just keeps getting better go eagles

  6. michael says:

    need it

  7. John Allison says:


  8. rich duco says:


  9. stan m says:

    chip win a super bowl and make history go eagles

  10. Wayne says:

    Why was I unable to listen to eagles football game on 94.1 WIP through turn in radio.

  11. Stephen LEACH says:

    Go birds

  12. Michael DeAntonio says:


  13. Michael DeAntonio says:

    Need some birds

  14. Dennis says:


  15. John harvey says:

    Need to hear Merrill

  16. eMac says:


  17. dave gainer says:


  18. dave gainer says:


  19. dave gainer says:

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eagles

  20. dave gainer says:

    Great station

  21. Bill Rufe says:


  22. Steve Brown says:


  23. ernie says:


  24. Mary Botcheos says:

    Listening to WIP94.1FM but radio stopped as Eagles game was expected— Help Help!

  25. ronald phillips says:

    cant wait to enjoy

  26. Thomas Fields says:


  27. dave gainer says:

    Try again

  28. dave gainer says:

    Hoping this works..

  29. dave gainer says:

    Why cant i get wip anymore

  30. dave gainer says:


  31. dave gainer says:

    Go birds

  32. dave gainer says:

    Go nick foles

  33. dave gainer says:

    Go eagles

  34. dave gainer says:

    Wip rules

  35. dave gainer says:

    Like to listen to wip

  36. R Halliday says:

    Like 94.1

  37. thomas miraglia says:

    Want to listen at home for Philly sports teams.

  38. Pete Reitano says:

    Hey guys what’s up hope this works

  39. Pete Reitano says:

    How ya doin

  40. Pete Reitano says:


  41. barbara lipscomb says:

    Stream Wip 94.1 gmail. Thank you.

  42. Arlene says:

    want to hear the phillies games from Clearwater FL

  43. Lenahen, Patrick says:

    Listening to eagles game

  44. h l montague says:

    Want to listen while out of town.

  45. hl montague says:


  46. hl montague says:

    Want to listen while travelling.

  47. Steve Reynolds says:

    From Philly, but recently moved to Australia