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  1. Bobby Roxx says:

    I have a station currently listed Radio W.E.E.D.. We have recently changed servers. Our new server info is

    Stream URL:
    Birate: 128kbps
    Stream Type: mp3

    Please update this info
    Thank you

    Bobby Roxx

  2. Venhor por meio deste solicitar a atualização das informações da Rádio Web Apostólica, a mesma está inclusa na lista de rádios de vosso site, porém a transmissão do conteúdo não está sendo realizado o que está indo ao ar é um conteúdo diferente.

    Nome da Rádio: De Rádio Web Apostólica para Web Rádio Apostólica

    Slogan: Jesus em Primeiro Lugar

    Link de Transmissão: 

    Site da Rádio:

  3. dj walken says:

    i am dj Walken from Yesternow Radio, have now renamed the radio and stream url,
    not wasting space in your directory page and radio, we wanted to change some new aspects,
    if it could be possible, since it is difficult back to get audience with the changes,
    and since Yesternow Radio was eliminated and has been replaced by another radio.
    The page in your directory of our eliminated radio is :

    I send the data by this message:

    New Name: Rock 'N' Soul Radio

    Stream New:

    Second Stream M3U:

    URL Logo :

    Sube el Volumen Más! Turn Up The Radio More!
    Viaje sonoro a través de varias décadas, géneros musicales influenciados y relacionados al Pop,
    el Rock, el Blues, el Jazz y el Soul. Sonorous journey through of various decades,
    genres influence and related to the Pop, the Rock, the Blues, the Jazz and the Soul Music.

    Bitrate: 128 Kbps

    New Web:

    If you want to contact us for more specific details, I write our mail:

    Thanks in advance for the attention and support, Best regards.

  4. luigi says:

    merci de supprimer les doublons et de laisser que celui ci

    nom: my volting
    flux réseau :
    site web:
    slogan: happy hits radio
    description: myvoltingRADIO la première radio du grand Lille du groupe étoile webradio France a l'écoute des jeunes laisser vos dédilives dans la rubrique commentaires + que des hits en non stop toute la journée happy hits radio © voltingradio2014
    genre: rap,rnb,dancefloor,info,météo,humour,cinéma

    norcineradio et vilodromeradio ont mis fin a leur activitée merci de les supprimer

  5. Steven says:

    I'll like to ask for a link update please,We have change hosting company and this is the reason we like a link update for "Jah Live Radio - Jammin' 24/7".

    Stream URL :

    Birate: 256kbps

    Stream Type: mp3

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thank You!

  6. Herb says:

    please update your link information

  7. Hello,
    I'm the owner of RADIO MACKICA
    We've an other Provider.
    Can you please change the STREAM-URL ????

  8. Atualização cadastral - Web Rádio Apostólica

    Boa tarde
    Venho por meio deste solicitar a atualização cadastral da Web Rádio Apostólica ( , que chama-se agora Web Rádio Palavra, segue abaixo os dados necessários para a atualização:

    Player : Flash Hd

    Player Windons Media

    Usuário 9434
    Porta DJ 36436
    IP de Conexão ou

  9. Bill Kelly says:

    Hi guys....Thanks for listing my station.
    I have a new server/ Stream IP. Can I get that information
    updated on the site?? Thank you so much. The new link


  10. CB says:

    There is a new streaming URL for the following station:

    WFYI-FM 90.1 FM Live Online

    Please update, thank you.

  11. admin says:


  12. admin says:


  13. Das Elektronische Radio ,der Musikmix aus Trance, Electro, House und Techno, sowie viele weitere spezielle electronische Musikrichtungen. Außerdem erwarten dich immer wieder Events und verschiedene Aktionen.

  14. What do we have to do to get our station streaming on your site? We're a terrific station. Very unique. Give us a listen and you'll har it for yourself. And we'd like to be a part of Please let us know.


    Casey Piotrowski
    Faculty co-advisor
    Cerritos College

  15. admin says:

    Only some information, name, streaming media address, genre. Etc..

  16. Rahul says:

    Theemsdreef 237
    Stream url

  17. Max says:

    We had a new Stream Adress:

  18. Linda Moore says:

    My station is 'Neuron Radio', and I need to update some info. The format is the same, but my stream url has changed to
    My email should be changed to

  19. Sondra Sego says:

    I wanted to update the information for my stream. The email is different now it's this email is part of my website so can you please make the changes. Everything else is the same
    Thank You
    Founder/Ceo/GM of Promotions

  20. Robert Bienenfeld says:

    Ksro both am and fm changed URL for frontier Wi-Fi radio on my sangean Wi-Fi radio. It no longer works on sangean Wi-Fi radio with frontier. So what is new URL for ksro both am and FM?.

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