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71 Responses to “WIP 94.1 FM Sports Radio 94”

  1. Tom mack says:

    Vince quinn talk about wanting eagles to draft bad character guys was absolutely disgusting.

  2. Lloyd young says:

    I have a name for dline Logan's heros

  3. Hayden S says:

    Loving listening to Eagles talk in Toronto....go birds.

  4. Brian Berkes says:

    Well.. after his comments about Chip... maybe not... bash away!

  5. I Thought the Eagles Fans HATE the DALLAS COWBOYS and NOW they seem to be in LOVE with a DALLAS COWBOY Player!!
    Is Philly Fans FULL OF IT or am I Missing something here? I listened ALL DAY YESTERDAY TO PHILLY SPORTS TALK SHOWS AND NEVER ONCE HERE A FAN SAY SEND HIM BACK TO DALLAS????? Please,help me understand. Thank You.

  6. Brian Berkes says:

    Wow... Someone who makes sense... now maybe we can stop bashing A Great player like Shady...

  7. brand schauer says:

    Love wip.

  8. Robert Jones says:

    Tony Dungy just confirmed something I thought about Shady McCoy and his lack of productivity. It is obvious to coach Dungy and myself the Eagles miss DeSean Jackson. Without him to stretch the defense it is now possible to crowd the line of scrimmage and there is now less lanes for McCoy to run through. It is not to O line that is the problem but the lack of a dual threat caused by the combination of Jackson and McCoy together that is the problem

  9. admin says:

    Maybe only to find a streaming media player that supports m3u or pls

  10. andres says:

    I'm unable to listen on my mobile phone,
    Do you have any suggestion?

  11. Terry OHara says:


  12. Anthony Wallace says:

    I am finding it to be difficult to connect with WIP 94.1 FM Sports Radio on my iPad.

  13. matthew hitchner says:

    not so good with computer and can't seem to get 94 on tablet. thanks.

  14. Paul SIEFRING says:

    E A G L E S EAGLES!3-0 baby!

  15. Rick Jenkins says:


  16. don says:


  17. P reilley says:


  18. Steve heicklen says:


  19. Mark says:

    Go birds

  20. David Pollock says:

    Eagles fan

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